Focused on position specific skills. Ideal for aspirational and current representative players aged 10-15.


For ages 10 – 15

Legends Rugby High Performance Training programs have been designed for aspirational and current representative players who want to take their game to the next level.

Legends Rugby offers a four-week high performance training program aimed at educating aspirational and current representative players. During these 90-minute sessions, players will train with other like-minded players, focusing on improving position specific skills for Rugby Union such as kicking or front row technique. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge about specific skills and movement patterns. Players will be taught problem solving techniques to apply during a game as well as training drills to use at home to ensure development continues away from the program and they have the confidence to execute when it matters most.

We also offer dedicated 3 hour sessions during the school holidays, details below.

Group numbers are limited to maximise development. Sessions will become progressively advanced as the players skills develop.

Program Benefits:

  • Learn exercises to maximise their development
  • Enhance skills to enable a competitive advantage at representative level competition
  • Expose players to a variety of tactical options to improve their strategic game
  • Learn efficient movement patterns and increase technical knowledge to develop the ability to self-correct technique


  • Sessions designed by professional players and coaches
  • International standard equipment
  • Written personalized feedback on their strengths and development opportunities
  • Guest appearance from professional rugby players (availability applies)

We teach the most up to date and safest rugby techniques, employing coaches and players who have participated in Rugby Australia’s national pathway and professional competitions around the world.



High Performance Training

Learn the tricks of the trade and what makes a stand out No. 9

Players will learn and improve:

  • Half back pullet passes
  • Use rules to their advantage
  • Box kicks
  • Efficient running lines
  • Communication skills
  • Set piece tactics



October school holidays

Tryon Oval, Lindfield

Wednesday 7 October, 9:30am to 11:30am
For ages 10 to 15

2 hour session, $70 each